Report on Energy House Garden Club (Week 1-3): India and Africa Garden

This is a report on the Energy House Garden Club from Week 1-3.

In our three meetings, we built:

  • Raised Bed Gardens with an overhead trellis, similar to styles in India
  • an African Keystone Garden, and
  • an African Terraced Hillside Garden

Below is a group picture of the garden club members, taken at the end of the week 2 session, in front of the Terraced Hillside Garden! *On the following week, we built an African Keystone Garden on the spot where everyone is located in this picture.

garden club family together

Here are BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER pictures!

1) India Region of the World Gardens

BEFORE picture, Week 1 (below):

Before building & placing the raised bed garden frames…


AFTER the Week 3 session (from the same angle):

Indian AFTER new


AFTER the Week 2 session (below):

We reviewed commonly grown veggies in South India & planted them. We also set up irrigation.


AFTER the Week 3 session, with an overhead trellis (below):

We made a cargo net to be an overhead trellis. Plants are looking good!



2) African Keystone Garden

 DURING Week 2 session (below):

We are building the skeleton of the keystone garden…

Africa DURING 1

 Cont. DURING the Week 2 session (below):

We are finishing up with the frame, with the compost screen in the center…

Africa DURING 2

Cont. DURING the Week 2 session (below):

We are completing the frame of the “keyhole”…

Africa DURING 3

AFTER the Week 3 session (below):

Ready to plant!

Africa AFTER


3) African Terraced Hillside Garden

BEFORE the Week 1 session (below):

We excavated large stones from the hillside, and started to trench terraces.

Hillside BEFORE

AFTER the Week 2 session (below):

We reviewed the commonly grown veggies in Africa, and planted them.

Terrace after week 2

AFTER the Week 3 session (below):

We completed and planted the second terrace.

Terrace after week 3


We still have space for new garden club members/families! Please call (808) 956-2248 to sign up, or ask questions/share concerns! Please review our earlier blog post (below) for the restrictions & rules.

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