Fall 2016 Programs Update



Sisters from our Sustainable Families Program show off their new menu board.

Aloha FETCH youth and families,

The website is up and running again! Expect weekly updates from us while the programs are in session.

We are pleased to announce that this year the Sustainable Science Youth Internship is open to 6th to 12th graders. We are meeting on Fridays at 1:45 pm at the Tuahine Farm but youth are welcome to join us as soon as they can get there after school! So far we have been learning about how nutrition fuels our bodies and about sustainable farming practices from around the world. This week we will talk about hydroponics and begin to construct a model home garden that could provide most of the produce needed for a family of four! The Youth Internship runs until 4 pm but you are welcome to stay for the family program, along with your whole ‘ohana!

The Sustainable Families Program kicks off between 3:45  and 4 pm, also at Tuahine, with cooking and service learning projects on the farm. Our recipes come from around the world and the farm projects are focused on growing the range of fruits and vegetables that families need to keep their bodies healthy. So far we have enjoyed Cancer-Preventing Salads, Regions of the World Pizza, and Jacob’s Lentil Stew, an ancient recipe mentioned in the bible! This week don’t miss out on Pomegranate Chicken, Mediterranean Vegetables, and Baklava for dessert. In addition to cooperative work projects and sharing meals, families attend mini-lectures together about nutrition and home gardening.



Brothers also share their menus.

After dinner, parents get together for a talk-story session that centers on family strengthening. Topics we have covered so far include, communication, cooperation, parent-child interactions, and resolving conflict. This week  we will share ideas about  how the whole family can work together to set goals and achieve them. During parent sessions, youth meet in a separate room to do age-appropriate activities centered on gardening, nutrition, and the family unit. Last week they made family menu boards to take home and during our first session, they did kinetic family drawings. This week we are doing collage – the topic is a surprise!


The FETCH staff is really excited about our upcoming Friday programs and we hope to see you all there! There is still room for both Youth Interns and families to join us.


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