Week 3 Highlights, Week 4 Preview


The Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship

We are now meeting on Fridays at 1:45 pm (or whenever you can get there after school!) at Hale Tuahine. At our last session, we learned all about hydroponics and began laying the foundation for our model home garden that could sustain a family of four!


Youth interns work with college mentor to secure weed mats for the model home garden.

The model home garden was designed with the needs of the urban family in mind. It will be 25 x 20 and include a hydroponic system made from buckets, as well as container gardens filled with soil that will be planted with fruits and vegetables chosen for their health benefits – particularly cancer prevention. Youth interns also helped to prepare baklava for the Sustainable Families Program, which they are encouraged to invite their own families to.


Making baklava for dessert!

Next Friday we are focusing on soil science. We will have a short lecture on soil composition and test water absorption on the different soil types. Students will also prepare planting containers for the home garden, condition the soil, and start planting. It’s not too late to sign up for the Youth Internship! Send us a message here if you or your child is interested!

The Sustainable Families Program

Last Friday we enjoyed a dinner of Pomegranate Chicken, Mediterranean Vegetable Salad, and Baklava prepared by families and staff.  While we ate, there was a presentation on two prominent Near Eastern groups – the Arabian Bedouin nomads and the Ancient Israelites. After dinner, families worked together to secure a weed barrier for our hydroponics area.


Siblings work together to put down weed mats at the farm.


Teen shows off collage.

During Parent’s Communication Club, we dealt with a different kind of barrier. Parents reviewed difficult interactions they’ve had with youth, as well as other adults, and talked about the barriers to communication in those situations. We then shared personal successes to avoiding communication blocks and resolving conflict, especially within the family unit.

Youth worked in another room to construct collages about their own interests and discussed them as a group. Teens also reviewed a list of “desirable characteristics of a teenager” written by parents of teens the week before. They checked off the ones that they believed they possessed and talked about which characteristics were important to them. Their feedback was helpful for parents to revisit during the Communication Club.


This young lady got extra creative with her collage.

What’s next?

This coming Friday, October 30th, we will be looking at the “states” or governments that emerged from the early period of settled agriculture in the Middle East, Ancient Greece, and Rome. For dinner, families will work together to prepare Spanikopita, Horiatiki (a traditional Greek salad), and Honey Almond Cake for dessert.

In Communication Club, parents will meet to discuss ways of setting up a collaborative family.  We will review the model of the family as a jug of resources shared and contributed to by members, and ways in which parents can secure buy-in from children and help them feel they are contributing members to the family.  We’ll focus on the positive, demonstrating the effects of negative labeling, nagging, criticizing and punishing.

We will also do some painting for our model home garden next week, so please wear work clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined!

Families are welcome to come at 4 pm and even earlier if they have teens in the Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship.

Remember there is still space for families to join us, so let your friends know about the FETCH programs!





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