Snapshots from September 30th

This past Friday marked the end of September and our 4th week of programming. We are looking forward to the upcoming month’s program activities but let’s take a moment to review what happened last week…

Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship


Students help staff to prepare soil in the barrel planters.

This week  students learned about soil and we continued to work on our model home garden. Staff and interns worked together to mix soil in a 1:1:1 ratio of peat moss, vermiculite, and compost. We then filled 12 raised container beds and planted citrus trees and papayas in half of them.

The model home garden is being constructed at our Hale Tuahine farm in Manoa. It is designed to provide a family of four with most of the fresh produce they would need to fulfill the body’s vitamin and nutrient requirements.

Both our Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship and our Sustainable Families Program are working together on this project. There is still time to sign up for either program! Contact us here for more info!

Sustainable Families Program


It was a small group this week but the discussion was great! We focused on labels and how being typecast affects us as individuals in the family. Both FETCH staff and family members shared their personal challenges with being dubbed a particular way. We played an eye-opening game that highlighted how perceptions of each other can change the way we interact. Our Greek dinner was also a big hit! See the Week 4 Preview in last week’s newsletter for the full menu.

Coming Up…

Friday, October 7th, we will be discussing how the transition from hunter/gatherer societies to farming brought on the emergence of state governments, and also led to a large scale decline in the healthfulness of diets. We will be looking at ancient civilizations of the Middle East, and contrasting Greek and Roman societies. Our recipes for this week’s dinner will come from Rome.

Painting is still on our agenda, as well as a fun gardening project, so please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messed up. We look forward to seeing you!

PS. On Friday, October 14th, we will be having another Open House. Flyers coming soon! Our usual programs will still be in session.

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