Continued construction of the model home garden and delicious dinner recipes enjoyed by all


Aloha FETCH Family and Friends, 

We’ve had two sessions since our last update, so there is a lot to cover! Plus, get a sneak preview of this upcoming Friday at the end of this submission. Our Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship had a two week break, so this entry will focus on what has been happening in the Sustainable Families Program.

Please note that we are still recruiting for both of our programs, so feel free to invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and extended family members to join us this week! We appreciate your continued support. Enjoy the rest of your week and we’ll see you Friday!


The FETCH Staff

October 7th


Sustainable Families Program


Father looks on, while staff teaches son to cut recycled wood for raised beds.

This week we worked on making raised beds out of recycled materials for our model home garden. Parents and older youth helped us with construction, cutting the wood and nailing the boards together. Our younger youth helped out by drilling supportive hinges to the corners of the beds.


Girl shows off her drill skills while impressed onlookers take mental note of how it’s done.

For dinner, we had three delicious Ancient Roman recipes. Families enjoyed a roasted leek and apple casserole, an asparagus and leek quiche, and a goat cheese and greens salad. Teens helped cook and, as always, the whole group helped to clean up. Afterwards, kids went on a walking tour of the different trees on the farm and got a mini botany lesson, learning about the different parts of the plant, and their lifecycle stages.


Families talk story at the dinner table.

During Communication Club, parents did a visualization exercise that encouraged them to revisit their own teen years. There was a particular emphasis on how their parents’ struggles were affecting their lives at that time. Comparisons were made to what is happening within their families now that they are parents and how their struggles may be affecting their children.

October 14th

Sustainable Families Program

Dinner was so good this week, every one was too busy eating to take any pictures. We will try and do better next week (but no promises). Just to give you a taste of what we had though, there were two French stews. One was a Celtic, indigenous recipe that featured ancient grains of the area. The other was a more contemporary, Provincial recipe with modern, introduced grains. Of course, there was also a side salad. We also started working on the pergola for the model home garden.

an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants

After dinner, youth designed their own t-shirts that highlighted their strengths and abilities. During the process, they got to share with each other their accomplishments, goals, and hidden talents.


Youth and staff drafted up a mock of their t-shirts on paper first.

Meanwhile, in Communication Club, parents discussed the idea of irrational anger, the emotions associated with it, and how it affects their interactions with others. They talked about the “fight or flight” defense mechanism and shared tacts for bringing their minds back into rational thinking.

October 21st Preview

This Friday the Sustainable Sciences Youth Interns will be back in session and begin planting vegetable crops in our raised beds. The Sustainable Families Program will continue to work on the pergola for the home garden and learn about medieval feast foods. Dinner recipes will include Roast Chicken with Grapes and Shallots, a salad, a side dish with beets and leeks, and Apples Normandy for dessert. Parents will look at the analogy of family resources as a jug that all members add to and take from. The discussion will highlight how to help children understand this analogy and how their actions affect the family’s jug. Youth will hear from college students about their experiences at UH Manoa and go on a tour of the campus.



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