Our Last Fall 2016 Session and the Upcoming Recruitment Event

Good Morning FETCH Families,

Last week Friday was our wrap-up session for this semester but we are still meeting one more time on Wednesday, December 14th for our big recruitment event! As discussed, we are asking that each family be ready to sign up another family that night that you have been in contact with about the program. Bring your cell phones and lap tops and you will actually fill out their registration forms for them on your computer while they are on the phone with you.

If you need some help remembering why you committed to helping FETCH with recruitment, check out some of these pictures from last Friday (below) and reflect on what a great time we had! The whole FETCH staff is grateful for your continued support and we hope to see you on Wednesday. Contact us if you have any questions.


Weeding. Looks great, ladies!


Planting. The soil looks so rich!

Sisters work together to harvest corn. This is the same corn we had for dinner that night!

Youth start a mural for the farm while adults wrap up Fall’s parenting discussions.


Dr. Mary gave a great lecture on Ghengis Khan over dinner. 


Impromptu holiday photo shoot!

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