Spring Semester 2017 is here!

Greetings Everyone,

FETCH’s Spring Semester 2017 got its official start last week Friday, January 20th and we had a great time at both of our programs with our new and returning youth and families! We had such a great time, in fact, that we failed to get any pictures but you can still read about all the fun we had below…

First, though, let me get this bad news out of the way… Unfortunately, we are canceling our Wednesday Youth Advantage!; Sustainable Sciences Internship for high school students. We did not get a sufficient amount of sign-ups to keep it running this semester but don’t worry, there is good news too…

We are actually doing a condensed version with middle school students on Fridays from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm. Students from the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability (or SEEQS) will be joining us, as well as several homeschool students and we still have room for a few more! Contact us to register or to find out more information. We are welcoming high schoolers to join us as well, if they would like to get a taste of what the high school internship will be like in the Fall 2017 semester when we resume it. Staff will be working hard all year to advertise the program and make sure it is a guarantee for Fall. If you know a teenager who would like to sign up, let us know right away so we can save them a spot!

Now back to last week Friday…

The SEEQS students got an introduction to CSA farming and began planting their beds for this semester. They also harvested some stuff to take home from our Model Urban Family Garden (link coming soon!). The Model Garden is doing great, by the way. Many thanks to all of the SEEQS students and Family Advantage! participants who helped us build it last semester.

This semester, the Family Advantage! program is running from 5 pm to 8 pm. As far as farming goes, we will be focusing more on hydroponics and the individual family garden beds. Staff will help families translate what we are doing on the farm to things you can do in your home gardens, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions and get the conversations rolling! In addition, we will be sending you all home each week with a printout of something you can do at home that relates to what we did on the farm.  Last week, we prepared some of the soil beds by weeding and turning the soil. We also planted sweet potatoes, corn, and a few other crops that we will hopefully eat for dinner on a Friday night in the future.

Speaking of our family dinners, this last week we enjoyed recipes from China and coming up we have Korea, then Thailand. This semester we are handing out printed copies of each week’s recipes so that families can recreate them at home. If any families out there get the opportunity to make one of the Family Advantage! recipes or even to do one of the garden activities we print out for you, please take photos and share your story with us!

If you were not able to join us last week, don’t fret, you can start this week! Contact us to sign up or find out more information.

Please feel free to share our Family Advantage! program flyer below.

Aloha and see you soon!



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