Youth Advantage!

A Sustainable Sciences Youth Internship

Testing soil before planting our

Testing soil before planting our “three-sisters” companion plants garden bed.

Students work in small groups with University of Hawaii mentors to plan, build, care for, harvest and market their own sustainable, organic farm that provides CSA baskets for a few local families.

47 Dinner

Snacktime in the conference room!

Participants learn hands-on, “best practice” methods of farming, as well as concepts in botany, biology, soil science, and chemistry that explain why these methods work.  These skills and knowledge prepare them for introductory college courses in the life sciences as well as in business.


Planting seeds for CSA beds.

Students will also develop numerous hands-on skills in carpentry, soil-preparation, irrigation-plumbing, seeding, transplanting, farm-business, pest-management and cooking.

CSA basket making

Making a balanced CSA basket using USDA food nutrient recommendation pyramid.

This program builds a positive sense of identity and helps teens break through self-imposed limitations. Past participants report developing concern for others through teamwork and that they gained skills in:

  • self-reflection
  • goal-clarification
  • respectful communication
  • active listening
  • conflict resolution
  • group belonging, and
  • leadership
Air layering

Students practice a plant propagation method, called air layering, on the ulu tree and one takes advantage of the perfect photo bomb opportunity.

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