The Family Education Training Center of Hawaii (FETCH) is a comprehensive family education center that works with the whole family, including parents, children, grandparents, aunties, uncles—whomever you consider to be part of your family. FETCH helps parents lead effectively, and children belong with significance in the family, by contributing.

We believe people are happiest when they feel like valued members of a group. Our programs provide guidance in family leadership and cooperation within the context of working together as a family to garden, cook and learn about the history and culture of food around the world.  We also offer an internship program in organic farming and sustainable sciences, for teens.


FETCH/UHM Summer Workshop


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Workshops with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Monday, May 16 from 4PM to 6PM

Topic: Principles of Designing Small Gardens – Southeast Asia & East Asia

Monday, May 23 from 4PM to 6PM

Topic: Principles of Designing Small Gardens – Europe & Native American

Location: Energy House, 2020 East West Road, UHM Campus
Cost: $5 (covers presentation & dinner)
Contact: (808) 956-2248